As a veterinary surgeon and nurse, Christie's Retreat in Surrey has the capability of coping with most veterinary issues on a daily basis. Having only a small number of animals in our care at any one time, observation and early detection of anything untoward is much more possible with such a personal level of care.

Therefore upset stomachs, general dietary disorders, dental problems, pedicures or any daily routine condition can be dealt with immediately without having to consult your own veterinary surgeon. Prevention is the best cure. We always consult with you whenever the need arises.

Christie's Retreat in Surrey can recommend our own registered animal physiotherapist if this service is required. We also specialise in caring for any dogs for post-operative or specialised care and convalescence, including changing of dressings, suture removals or any such requirement where needed.

We also offer dietary regime control for obese dogs with calorie controlled intake, specialised science prescription diets and routine exercise programmes for weight loss to suit any dogs requirements. Therefore if the need arises for any vet care while you are away, leave the problem with us no matter how big or small. This could be covered as part of your insurance package as post-op care.

Christie's Retreat in Surrey can in addition offer a full international relocation programme, so that whether you are moving abroad or going home we can take your dog or puppy and fully prepare them for travel while accomodating them throughout the procedure of their vaccinations including rabies and the kennel cough intranasal.

We can take care of the relevant documentation and see it through to their transport to the airport of departure.

Veterinary Testimonial

"After Bernie’s accident and the subsequent surgery he required, he needed to be looked after properly and treated with the greatest care and attention if he was going to make a full recovery.

Having 2 small children at home who adore him, it was not the best environment for his recovery especially with the constant changing of dressings and the external fixator which would have been just what small children would have enjoyed playing with.

Bernie went to Russell for the period of his recovery and as a result is now as fully functioning as he ever was. You would never know he had his injury and is as active as any working dog.

This is all down to the rehabilitation that he received and I will always remain eternally grateful to Russell for ensuring we got Bernie back in such a happy and healthy state. A huge thank you!"

- Peter Phillips, Bernie