Our Story

Russell Christie (B.V.M.S. M.R.C.V.S), a respected veterinary surgeon for many years, and Sarah, his veterinary nurse have worked together for 30 years since Sarah first came to work for Russell at his practice at the age of 16 and immediately impressed him with her talent for handling and care of dogs.

Their working relationship has grown from strength to strength, from the days of Russell's successful veterinary practice in Chobham, Surrey treating horses as well as smaller animals with Sarah's assistance, and their time breeding labradors through to the present day, Sarah has been Russell's "Girl Friday" as he puts it.

Having worked together for such a long time brings an almost "second nature" to the standard of care and attention given to the dogs in their care. Sarah knows exactly what Russell expects and can deliver it with an ease that only comes from experience, training and a natural sense of what is needed.

Having had a small animal practice and boarding kennels for many years, and observing the stress and fear factor for lots of susceptible dogs in those situations, this is exactly what led Russell & Sarah to create this new enterprise in Longcross, Surrey, offering up something in the dog & veterinary world that previously did not exist.

Their concept is better than dog kennels or other alternative arrangements made at home, which often means the dog being left “home alone” for most of the day or night. Christie’s Retreat in Surrey means they are surrounded by people 24/7.

The combination of accommodation with specialized Veterinary care and individual love and attention is what makes this such a really amazing opportunity for a whole new idea in animal care and welfare, whilst away from their loving owners.

Our Story Testimonial

"On arrival in the Barn reception, you will be greeted by the warmth and cosiness of the log burning fire and the picture of "Dudley", a very special dog a Rottweiler, who touched all of our hearts here at Christies Retreat.

Dudley had had a very tortured life and came for post-operative care from a lovely rescue home, latterly in his life. Sadly, his epilepsy had become extremely difficult to manage, however we had fallen for him by that point and he remained with us for the last, wonderful 18 months of his life - never to be forgotten!

The picture of Dudley and Molly in the house shows they were the greatest of friends.. "

- All at Christie's Retreat