Boarding/ Day Care

Whether it's a long stay or day care you require for your dog, Christie's Retreat in Surrey are happy to offer both in specialised, personal and loving rural surroundings.

The main focus at Christie's Retreat is to provide a "home from home" atmosphere for your dog, with constant company and attention to your dog's individual needs. With a capacity of 7 suites/rooms there is room enough to accommodate your dog seperately or we do have the facility to house dogs together in a larger suite if they are from the same family and are used to being together.

The living areas include armchairs, sofas and beds, and there is constant companionship for you dog due to our suites and Russell's home being in one connected building. If the dogs wish they can wander freely around the living areas, courtyard and reception area as well as their own suite or they can have private time if they wish.

Christie's Retreat in Surrey has none of the noisy, sometimes stressful atmospheres that larger dog kennels cannot avoid due to their very nature.

The advantage of being set in such spacious grounds here at Christie's Retreat, Surrey and with direct access to Chobham Common is that your dog does not have to be transported in a vehicle anywhere to go on the daily walks.

Boarding Testimonial

"I have to say a huge thank you to Sarah and Russell for their care and dedication looking after my two lovely dogs Ben and Lola over the last few years. Christie's was our first venture into 'dog boarding' and with both Ben and Lola being 10 years old, I was obviously apprehensive, there was absolutely no need to worry, they love it there to the point that when we arrive they are bouncing around in the car as we pull onto the drive, eager to 'check in' to their 'luxury suite' and they don't want to come home, its so embarrassing when I go to collect them!

Christie's isn't your standard boarding kennels, it is indeed a luxury country club and more, they are defiantly in a league of their own; Sarah and Russell treat all of their guests as if they are their own, in fact, if it wasn't for their attention to detail, Ben my Tibetan Terrier wouldn't be with us today. After one of their earlier stays, Russell suggested that I should get Ben tested for diabetes and he was absolutely correct; he is now on medication and what a relief that I can leave them in expert hands whilst I am away as all medication is expertly administered, whatever the problem! Even though I now live some distance from Christie's, its definitely worth the journey for total piece of mind for my loved ones!"

- Nicky Davidson, Ben & Lola